Project 8 - Make a Tetris Clone - Part 1

Running time: ~29 minutes

Author's Description:

In this video I start making one of the greatest games ever being Tetris! I'm trying something new this time. In previous videos I tested ideas before videoing them. This time I will create Tetris with no previous preparation. I'll test my way through creating the whole game.

I think this will benefit people because they'll see me make mistakes and then see how I go about solving problems. In this first video I show how to draw everything in Gimp. I then setup the game, create the borders, the interface and then all the tetrominos. I hope you enjoy this series and learn a lot.

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justCode Editor Notes:

Get started with making a Tetris clone. Do you remember that tune on the Gameboy? I sure do. Now it's in my head!

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