Part 2 - Customizing the Nav Bar: Fonts

Running time: ~18 minutes

Author's Description:

By the end of this video you will have the knowledge to customize your nav bar (UINavigationItem) on your UINavigationController (or as some people call it the "Nav Bar" or "Navigation Bar") to have a custom font. You will also learn about the titleView property and how to use it to further customize the UINavigationItem to hold multiple controls and really create a custom look for your app!

You will also learn the steps it takes to add a custom font to your app and how to fix problems with custom fonts if you run into them.

justCode Editor Notes:

Adding custom fonts to your Navigation Controller is essential knowledge when your brand image relies on great typography.

This video is part of a series:

Customizing the UINavigationController

In this set of tutorials you'll learn all you need to know to customize your Nav Bar.

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